In-Person Training

If skydiving is more than just a one-time, bucket-list adventure for you, then you may want to get qualified to jump solo. This means earning a USPA A License, which requires demonstration of certain freefall and canopy flying skills and completion of a minimum of 25 instructor-supervised jumps. There are three types of beginner skydiver training: tandem freefall, accelerated freefall (AFF), and instructor-assisted deployment (IAD)/static line. You can find out more about each one here, and decide which might be the right choice for you. USPA issues four skydiving licenses, A through D, indicating progressive levels of skill and accomplishment.

Online Learning

Designed as a resource for first-time jumpers, the USPA Online Ground School is not a complete skydiving course. It gives newbies an introduction to the equipment and concepts needed for their maiden jump and serves as a refresher for those who may not have jumped in quite a while.