633rd Communications Squadron Client Systems Technician

Just seven years after getting his first skateboard for Christmas, Nick Whitehurst snagged the Guinness
World Record for most Ollie 180s in one minute. For Nick, perfection is unattainable, but striving to do
his best at work and play is what it’s all about.



“When I go skating, I pretty much let go of the world completely, not just work, but home stressors. I listen to some good music and just go skate…It’s nice to get away from everything and be in my own little paradise.”



“I can’t see myself retiring from the Air Force, and I can’t see myself retiring from skateboarding. I would like to be a Chief and still skateboarding. I’m going to find those guys that skate…see them at the park…and hang out with them as if they’re my friends. I’m never going to grow up.”



“There’s one time I was skating a stair set, and I kept falling on this shoulder, and there’s … scar tissue so it will never heal right. So, you got to learn to fall and learn how to adjust yourself when you’re trying a new trick. It’s like anything in life, sometimes you just have to adjust.”




“When I have something in front of me that I want to get better at, [I] … strive to be the best; I’ll never be the best, but you just have to have a goal and a mindset to do well at things. I think everyone should be motivated to keep growing; I don’t want to sit around and just let life pass me by because that’s boring and pointless. With the skate scene, it’s so broad [and] there are so many different styles to learn. You can pick up so much from other people and teach others along the way. It’s never boring.”



See the video at https://www.dvidshub.net//video/603534/world-record-holder-carries-skateboarding-values-into-air-force