Get detailed, real-time weather conditions from local stations, including live radar, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times, nearest lightning strikes and severe weather alerts.

Zero in on property lines and features with this GPS tool for hunters; get GPS functionality for free, or get full-featured state-specific maps, including boundaries, points of interest, custom waypoints and more, with paid subscriptions.

Map, mark and manage tasks in your hunt area. This tool also lets you access a national database of public and private land, network with your hunting buddies, track your location throughout your hunt, and log sightings and harvests.

Pinpoint global weather forecasts and get property line and landowner information with an interactive GPS map. Additional tools let you measure area and distance, log deer and other game, and save tree-stand, blind and trail camera locations to your account.

Get all the content from the million-copy, best-selling book on surviving anywhere in the wild, plus safety videos, photos of medicinal and edible plants, Morse code signaling device, sun compass and comprehensive first-aid guide.