Check 3 is a quick and easy method to assess any activity or event for possible hazards and allow mitigation when required.  This method has three general areas to assess, or check, for your activity.  This “Check 3” approach is assessing three areas referenced by the common acronym GPS.  In this case, GPS is not referencing a navigation aid.  Rather, GPS is:

This allows a quick review of your activity to highlight any issues or hazards.  For instance, “G” or gear may encompass details such as personal protective equipment, your vehicle, or availability of drinking water.  “P” or plan may encompass the timeline, weather, sequence, emergency contact/backup, as well as other facets.  "S” or skills may mean are you rested for the activity or your overall experience level with the activity.  If you see an issue or hazard in any of the areas, then assess if you can adjust an area to mitigate the hazard, especially the plan.

This framework allows anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to have a quick mental method to begin assessing all their activities.  As a person becomes more experienced and knowledgeable in any activity, their “Check 3” will also become more effective.

Why check three ... and what is GPS?